11 Best Investing Podcasts 2022: Think Like An Investor

The Podcast is hosted by Andrew Swanscott weekly and is not just limited to talking about trading strategies. Indeed, you can also find focuses on money management as well as tips and tricks offered by other traders who are interviewed, and the show it is not confined to just one market. Value investing, and specifically deep value investing, is considered “old school” and not nearly as “cool” as today’s high-flying technology stocks. Yet, Tobias finds a way to make the content of this podcast both entertaining and educational. If you’re looking for a great resource to learn the ins and outs of true value investing without being bored from the intricacies of accounting, this show’s for you.

In this podcast, he shares his thoughts on trading and investing. Adam will draw from a wide range of experiences and perspectives, will challenge many of your notions, and will help you be the best trader you can be. How To Trade It podcast is all about making our listeners successful at trading.

best stock trading podcasts

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As much as possible, he likes to know the purpose behind the trade — the thesis, if you will. In addition, he likes to know entry criteria, probabilities for success, systematic or discretionary approaches, and mindset. While these are just a handful of things to watch out for, the ultimate ayondo reviews goal of these shows is to inform you. As developing traders, you need to be reminded of what works, and what doesn’t. In addition, you now have a wealth of education at your finger tips, for free. While we advocate for quality education services, nothing beats a free education.

Simple, but Not Easy

Lindsey Danis is a writer covering food, travel and personal finance. She’s written about personal finance for Business Insider, NextAdvisor, The Penny Hoarder, and elsewhere. Hosts Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche offer judgment-free advice on everything from saving and investing to savvy career moves. The duo have a way of making finance conversations funny while also being honest and uplifting for their core audience. The show was originally marketed to women and continues to center on women’s financial experiences with topics like financial abuse or rebuilding financial stability after divorce.

So Money is an interview-centric podcast that funnels friendly conversation through financial perspectives. Podcasts are now established, go-to sources for news, information, and advice. Every topic under the sun has at least one podcast that covers it. Diversifying your investments—and assets—can help you adhere to your tolerance for risk while giving you the best chance to improve your future.

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Real-time last sale data for U.S. stock quotes reflect trades reported through Nasdaq only. Intraday data delayed at least 15 minutes or per exchange requirements. Each stock is backed by the fundamentals of the underlying business. No, the podcast is non-traditional, non-certified personal financial advice. The podcast is only a source of subjective opinion, and they don’t provide individual guidance for a good reason. You don’t need to master finance to use these audio programs, although we’d love it if you did.

Therefore, he does not focus solely on making as much money as possible. Instead, he talks about having a balance in order to achieve true freedom and financial independence. In addition, they do a great job of opening the eyes of listeners to new industries and companies that they may not have heard of previously. As with any world-class show, the audio quality is above-average. Thus, it allows for a professional and enjoyable listening experience.

These topics vary widely from the worrying levels of consumer debt in China to shareholder’s growing impatience with Uber, yet every episode serves to give you your daily update on the world economy. Personal finance is all about managing your personal budget and how best to invest your money to realize your goals. It’s simple enough for beginners to follow but also provides key pieces of advice for more advanced investors.

Why trade Options vs. Stocks

Most of his content is on the shorter side, but it’s very engaging and with a lot of great nuggets. Some of the more popular guests they have had on the show range from Mark Cuban to Anthony Scaramucci. He’s had NFL coaches on the show, the youngest female floor trader in NYSE history, and a Market Wizard. Gone are the days of not knowing about this guru or that guru before you sign up.

You can literally watch an interview on just about any of them, nowadays. Yes, Jim Cramer is that guy from TV, the one with the special effects and rapid-fire sound bites. But he knows what he’s talking about and has a refreshing optimism about the stock market. On Top Traders Unplugged, https://currency-trading.org/ Kaastrup-Larsen and his team act as mentors for retail investors. The topics are pretty niche, but they’re presented with clarity from interesting angles. Farnoosh Torabi is a popular and acclaimed financial reporter, with several books and TV appearances to her credit.

Discussing Dividends with DivGro, A Dividend Growth Investor

It’s a one-stop resource for the investor who’s ready to take control of their money. If you are of the unfortunate majority who live further than 10 minutes away from work, you might also throw in Seeking Alpha’s Wall Street Breakfast into the mix. Similar to the FT News Briefing, it’s a quick daily news rundown, with more of a stock focus. A second entry on the list for MyWallSt, but we’re more than happy to include our latest ‘Get Started’ series. This 5-part series dives into the basics of getting your investing journey started. With Business Daily, the BBC performs a deep dive into one particular news topic every day.

The Trading Coach Podcast

Like We have mentioned before, being a trader is similar to being an entrepreneur, because becoming a trader means doing everything that entrepreneurs do. Therefore, listening to what other entrepreneurs have done is very helpful. Listening to this podcast can help you understand various trends.

For instance, listening to Michael Ackermann can tell you a thing about biotechnology while listening to Jay Caplan can tell you about cybersecurity. The definitive resource for those who enjoy listening to light financial topics. The show is headed by two former financial advisors, and is by far one of the most entertaining shows out there.

Different podcasts focus on different topics, so you may be more interested in one if you’re a novice investor and a different one if you’re an experienced investor. The Motley Fool Money podcast has power trend been around for quite some time. The podcast is hosted by Chris Hill and a panel of Motley Fool investment analysts that sit down every week to go over the top business news and financial headlines.

Understanding the stock market is vital to making informed decisions about stock trading and investment options. In this episode, Howard Marks shares his perspective on how the market is volatile, and how to base your investment decisions on the market contrarian attitude. Since they are handy, best-investing podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. You may pick stuff that suits your time constraints, interests you, and hosts who speak to you. David has devoted the last 20 years to educating people and organizations about investing basics and financial literacy in plain language.

Run by certified financial planners, this is a good show both for those who want to get deep tips about the market as well as some good life advice when it comes to financial planning. While perhaps not the most in-depth show out there, the wide range of topics covered makes The Money-Guy Show a must-listen for anyone who wants help planning out their finances. Each week, Faber welcomes some of the world’s top investment professionals to be his guests. You’ll hear real market wisdom on timely market topics—smart beta, trend following, mixing and matching trading strategies, and more—from some of today’s smartest minds in investing. Unfortunately, lots of intelligent people with great intentions for their finances are led astray by bad or biased investment advice.

That’s why the best financial podcasts aren’t so technical or complicated that they intimidate but easy enough for anyone to understand. We’re looking for simple, easy-to-understand podcasts that focus on the overall story and not just the technical details. If you are into crypto assets, this podcast is the best as you can quickly learn about crypto trading and risk management effectively during crypto trading.